Near lies from the Barack Obama campaign

Obama stretches “average family income”

Monday, September 8th, 2008

Technically not a lie: +0 Lies

According to Obama:

“the average American family” saw its income “go down $2,000″ under George Bush.

According to FactCheck

That’s not correct. Census figures show average family income went down $348.
As it turns out, when Obama said “average family income,” he didn’t mean “average,” and he didn’t mean “family,” either. An Obama aide says he was really referring to median income – which is the midpoint – and not to the average. And Obama was talking only about “working families,” not retired couples.
For all families, median family income actually inched up under Bush by $272.

So if i remember my 8th grade math correctly, median is a TYPE of average, so technically this is not a lie. And when you are discussing the average family income, it is understandable to be referring to families actually making an income - working families. So you get by with no lies this time Obama…

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